Nothing Special
"As I said, I want a show of my own - called Nothing Special"
- Andy Warhol

I like the Ace of Base song The Sign in a non-ironic way. 

The acronym “LOL” gets thrown around a lot these days, but new (and old) 30 Rock makes me laugh out loud every time.

I’m really scared that I’m going to get bed bugs when I go to New York :( I’m only going for about 5 days in July, but I’ve already started ‘researching’ (Googling) “bed bug prevention” so I can get the DL on how to identify them, as well as any extra measures I can take to minimise the danger. 

On the other hand, I have given little thought/worry to the dangers I might encounter when I spend two months in Mexico City. Also, it should be noted that my ‘concerns’ have been related to spiders, not drug violence, kidnapping or murder. I’m also worried that the strangers I’m going to be living with for most of my stay might have a really gross bathroom. 

Remember when Madonna used to get naked all the time? I do. Watching her get interviewed on the red carpet, talking in a fake British accent about the film she directed, makes me feel old. It seems like only yesterday that she was running around in little other than a headset. 

What the fuck?


Why the hell were M.I.A. , Nikki Minaj , and fucking Madonna doing the half-time show? Seriously? This is football, this is the NFL, this is the FUCKING SUPER BOWL! THE SUPER bowl. Not fucking High School Powderpuff. I’m pissed. I’m so glad I wasnt there. I’da went on the field and slapped those whores. What happened to the manliest sport around?

Damn fucking straight! The word “super” comes from the Latin “super”, which literally means “penis”, but was commonly used as a synonym for “men” during the days of the Roman empire. Modern use of the word “super” stems from the fact that men are inherently awesome and better than non-men. 

Football - which is no way a really stupid game - is man’s sport. Do you see any women in the NFL? Hell no. If there’s no women on the field then there sure as hell shouldn’t be any women in the goddamn half time show, am I right? Call me old-fashioned, but on Superbowl Sunday a woman’s place is in the kitchen fixin’ ribs and wings and making sure the beer is cold. 

If I understand the rules correctly - and I think I do - Madonna won the Super Bowl. 

FYI: I am listening to the Cranberries. 

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