Nothing Special
"As I said, I want a show of my own - called Nothing Special"
- Andy Warhol

“Well we still love ya, Ciggy.”
What happened while Tumblr was down: I drank too many reds and ordered Phil Collins merch. 

» Clam Bistro: PRESS RELEASE In a world first collaboration, Jeff Probst, Simon...



In a world first collaboration, Jeff Probst, Simon Fuller, and Dick Clark Productions announce the start of production on THE SEARCH FOR THE WORLD’S MOST INCOMPREHENSIBLE FUCKWIT.

This groundbreaking television event will showcase a fight-to-the-death format, with each episode…


Surf City Surf Dog competition at Huntington Beach, Calif.
Photo: Joe Klamar, AFP/Getty Images / SF (via Day in Pictures, Oct. 1, 2012 - SFGate)
» Law & Order: What Is It With Women and Law & Order: SVU?(via @Jezebel)

"Also, Ice-T is the show’s only outlet for dealing with race. Like, it’s a show about rape set in New York City—this is a big opportunity to address serious issues about how black men are treated in the criminal justice system (they’re more likely to get convicted, they’re more likely to get the death penalty, and so on). INSTEAD, though, they just pretend like race isn’t really a thing except for once in a while when Ice-T’s long-lost stepson Ludacris shows up and sex-crimes someone. And then Ice-T is all, "Oh hell naw. [LEMON-FACE]""

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