Nothing Special
"As I said, I want a show of my own - called Nothing Special"
- Andy Warhol
Oh no

It’s 1:39am on a Tuesday morning and I’m watching Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew.

But that, in and of itself, is not the problem (my life is a disaster so late night reality television is not unusual).

That problem is that Foxtel are showing reruns of season 3 of Celebrity Rehab - featuring the late Mike Starr. As I type this, Dr Drew and Mike are having a D&M about Layne Staley - and I’m getting all teary.

Admittedly, I have been know to get a bit emotional and teary when viewing reality television programs, including, but not limited to, Deadliest Catch and Wife Swap. However, this is a level of distressed/teary/emotional not seen since the episode of Deadliest Catch when Captain Phil died. 

Oh man, now Mike is having a moment with his mum and sister and Layne’s mum. And his mum is crying. And now Layne’s mum is crying and talking about death and addiction. And, little do these poor folks know, MIKE DIES LIKE A YEAR LATER.

Gaahhhhh too many emotions. 

Dinner: homemade vegetarian causa.

I’m just going to assume nothing happened in the world during those many hours I spent in bed today. 

FYI: I want to post more videos of the Monkees and the Brady Bunch (especially the variety hour shows with the fake Jan), but my internet and/or laptop is being so slow. 

Anyway, this is probably a blessing for everyone except me.

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