Nothing Special
"As I said, I want a show of my own - called Nothing Special"
- Andy Warhol

Season 9: The Blood
¡Viva México cabrones!

Man, I wish I had a computer. I think wasting heaps of time on tumblr would be really beneficial for me right now, but the phone app blows or maybe I just don’t know how to use it and typing on a phone is shit anyway and, y’know, life.
Maybe some Valium ?


lol i dont kno

A great way to avoid getting home sick is to have arguments with close family members on Skype. Continue the bad vibes with an exchange of passive aggressive IMs, before making up.

I’m pretty sure that if I got kidnapped I would definitely develop Stockholm Syndrome.

I’m trying to learn how to use tumblr on my phone. It’s like watching my father trying to do anything on a computer - except instead of watching, I am being.


Eleanor Roosevelt, with Fala.
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